How to Root LG Spectrum VS920

LG Spectrum VS920, also known as LG Revolution 2, is going to go through an adventure. By the end of it, this smartphone will gain something new. Find out what we have in plan for you from the following paragraphs.

After taking the decision to root your device, a couple of major things will have to happen. The first one must have to do with some crucial requirements. After each of them’s performed as it should be, you’ll learn how the rooting goes. Below is a series of paragraphs on what rooting tool to use and its main benefits.

The benefits of this procedure

Our option for a rooting instrument is SRSRoot. We selected it thanks to the large number of pros it presented. This tool is a free app that lets a device user unroot their product, too. Also, it can be used on a numerous variety of devices. More than that, the SRSRoot isn’t going to delete a gadget’s operating system, no matter the version it holds. Your LG Spectrum VS920 has Android 4.0.4 as its OS. Besides the already mentioned benefits, the new app doesn’t register bloatware. The device it’s used on has nothing to fear where security problems. are concerned. Powered by an SRS Server, this rooting possibility comes with new things that greatly improve a product.LG-Spectrum-VS920

The presence of such a freeware on your phone is closely connected to a longer battery life. The smartphone will greatly benefit from a faster dual-core 1.5 GHz Scorpion CPU, too. Customization opportunities are varied; the handset can also access new features and root-only apps. Superuser and admin permission is available, as are these: custom ROMs. A Build ID is a necessary tool when dealing with a rooting. This is the one we had in mind when we rooted your device: IMM76D. Fortunately, the SRSRoot works with many other Build IDs.

A disadvantage when providing root access is this: your gadget can’t keep the warranty. This is why you have to retrieve it after the end of the procedure. That is done with a guide tailor made for the LG Spectrum VS920.

Some words on what an upgrade can do to a rooted product. There’s no way to keep the root access; the latter will be revoked. As soon as the update is completed, your phone will also lose its default system partition. There are important things that can’t be affected by the upgrade. They are the handset’s data and internal / external SD cards.


Here we are with the pre-requisites we referred to above:

  • USB drivers that are compatible with the phone must be downloaded on your notebook (here they are);
  • flash them on the device they’re downloaded on;
  • let USB Debugging be activated on your LG Spectrum;
  • backing up the important data on the handset is an important task that needs performing;
  • create a full NANDroid backup;
  • Windows is the OS that should be pre-installed on your notebook;
  • if the phone’s security programs are enabled, turn them off;
  • the same action has to be performed for the notebook’s security programs;
  • fully charge the smartphone’s default battery.

Step by step instructions

Now’s the perfect time to bring the root access on your device.

  1. First, you need to download the SRSRoot app. Here is where: on the notebook you use every day. The location of the app is this page. This website will welcome you to a download button. You should click on it.
  2. The procedure starting soon won’t need long to end. After the freeware is downloaded, it has to be installed and afterwards launched on your notebook. Soon after each of the previous actions is completed, you’ll need to return to your handset.
  3. There, tap the options that are called Settings and Unknown Sources.To quickly find the latter if you don’t know its whereabouts: look under the Settings option. Activate USB Debugging on the phone if the option is still disabled.
  4. Should it have already been tapped, look for your phone’s USB cable. Upon discovering it, plug the LG Spectrum VS920 and your notebook to each other with this instrument.
  5. The connection that will soon follow ends in a couple of minutes. Do this when time’s up: enable Root Device (All Methods). This will set the rooting into motion. Shortly after activating the option, you need to wait some time till the procedure is over. It’s recommended that you give the rooting around 15 minutes.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You should, if things take more time to be done, repeat all of the previous tasks. If nothing’s the matter with the rooting, allow yourself to explore the root access and, by extension, the new additions.
  7. To do that, we suggest restarting the VS920 first. The option which has the power to do that is the following: Reboot System Now. Simply enable it, then watch as the handset enters a rebooting mode.

Did you run into various problems while rooting the phone? Allow us to help by leaving questions under this post.