How to Root LG Optimus F3 4G LTE MS659

Not much is needed for your LG Optimus F3 4G LTE MS659. A rooting is all that the phone requires to work better. This tutorial here is what will guide you through the procedure.

2013 was the year your handset became available. You need the services of a particular tool if you wish to have root access on it. That is something easily done via SRSRoot, an power powered by an SRS Server. The previously mentioned rooting method is an app whose download is free. Once your device has this freeware, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy its novelties. Before we tell you how the rooting is done, you need to be told something else about this app.

The SRSRoot is fully equipped with various beneficial additions. They are going to bring your device up-to-date with many new things. Besides providing root access, our app can also be used as a method to unroot the product it’s used on. Both the rooting and the reverse work without leaving bloatware or security problems on your handset.LG-Optimus-F3-MS659

The benefits of this procedure

The smartphone’s available with Android 4.1.2. By using the SRSRoot, you’re guaranteed this: the phone’s OS isn’t going anywhere. The freeware you’ll grow accustomed to cannot revoke the Android version a device has. On the handset there’s this processor type: 1.2 GHz. After the rooting, your LG Optimus F3 MS659 will own a CPU that moves in a faster fashion. Tweaks to improve battery life are also available. As are these: new features and customization methods. Custom ROMs are then followed by both root-only apps and this: admin / superuser permission.

A gadget’s rooting is done with a Build ID. Thanks to the freeware’s presence, the owner can easily use an ID of their own choice. Ours was JZO54K.

Just to let you know: your LG Optimus F3 loses its warranty at the end of the rooting. This is one of the ways to have it rejoin the device: perform a guide catering to your handset’s model.

At the same time, you will not be able to use the root access if an upgrade is on your immediate agenda. Also, the phone loses its system partition if you go with this procedure. It’s very important to know this: following the update, your smartphone will continue to have its data. The internal / external SD cards will also escape harm.


Today’s guide has requirements to introduce to you:

  • USB drivers are an essential addition to your laptop and they’re available here;
  • download them on the device, then flash the lot on it;
  • the smartphone needs to have its USB Debugging turned on;
  • backups play a big role for the phone’s data, so make some;
  • our phone’s battery will have to be charged;
  • there should be a full NANDroid backup created, too;
  • Windows is the best laptop OS for a rooting;
  • security programs running on the phone and your laptop need to be turned off.

Step by step instructions

Getting in touch with all of the above prepares your LG Optimus F3 MS659 for the rooting. It also helps your laptop get ready for this process.

  1. For the first step, the laptop must feature the SRSRoot app. To have it included on this device, download the freeware by clicking on this site’s download button.
  2. Said app should be installed on the laptop. A launching of the app needs to be performed on your laptop next.
  3. Go to the smartphone after that’s over. Once back on it, you must enable these 3 options there: Settings, Unknown Sources and then USB Debugging. The second one is under the first one.
  4. After those two options are tapped, the third should only be activated if it hasn’t gone through this action till now.
  5. This part requires you to generate a connection between your handset and laptop. Before you do that, take the smartphone’s USB cable. That’s the tool which connects the two devices.
  6. For this next portion, make sure the plugging’s been created. When it has, get ready to enter the phone in that rooting state. You’ll have to enable Root Device (All Methods) to start the whole thing.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]15 minutes are more than necessary for the procedure to end. If you’re made to wait longer than mentioned, redo the steps you just performed. The MS659 has to reboot for the last step.
  8. To start all over again, your handset’s Reboot System Now will do the trick. Help it do so by tapping this option. There is much to discover after the root access becomes your device’s latest addition. Remember to go back to the SRSRoot freeware if you aren’t satisfied with the root access.

Come join us in the comment section if there’s something troubling you about the rooting!