How to Root Motorola XT319

Motorola XT319 has a lot to discover once root access invades it. The phone will have to go through a bunch of stuff before it gets to that. Now let us introduce the procedure and everything that relates to it!

A rooting comes with special help. In the case of your handset, SRSRoot is the helping tool. Your device is 3 years old; its processor’s speed, lack of new features and so on may have frustrated you. Not anymore. The rooting enables your smartphone to improve itself. From the start, you’ll enjoy a faster 800 MHz processor. The procedure is one which doesn’t arrive with the usual security problems. Also, the app keeps any kind of bloatware away. If the novelties we will reveal soon become too much, the app will take them away. It’ll do so by becoming an instrument that’ll revoke the root access.

The benefits of this procedure

We’ll now return to the SRSRoot and its benefits. This app is freeware. The Motorola XT319 it ends up on gains access to battery tweaks. If you’ve never tried custom ROMs before, you can enjoy them as soon as the rooting ends. And you are also welcomed by new features. The SRS Server-based freeware shows up with root-only apps and customization options. All of these new additions are joined by superuser and admin permission, too.Motorola-XT319

The SRSRoot app is compatible with every Build ID you want to use. Our pick for this tutorial: V4.37B. No damage is done to your phone’s Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. This OS is among the many Android versions to work with it. There is also no shortage of products the app functions well with.

After it’s rooted, the Motorola XT319 will no longer find its warranty. It will be your job to restore it. Having it return safe and sound is something done best with a tutorial. The one we recommend you to look for must be suitable with your smartphone.

Rest assured that nothing bad happens to the handset’s data once an update happens to it. The smartphone cannot be parted from its essential internal / external SD cards, either. But the root access and system partition will end up revoked.


A rooting goes hand in hand with requirements. Without them, there’s no way your handset gets rooted. As such, you’d better spend the next couple of minutes doing the following:

  • get USB drivers downloaded on the laptop by going to this website;
  • install them on the device;
  • USB Debugging must be activated on the Motorola XT319;
  • create backups in order to preserve the handset’s important content;
  • you should create a full NANDroid backup next up;
  • Windows should be your laptop’s OS;
  • disable, on the phone, its security software;
  • then deactivate the laptop security software, too;
  • if the smartphone’s battery is running low, charge it.

Step by step instructions

  1. The action that should be done first: download the useful SRSRoot on the laptop. That requires you to access this website. When the page appears, look for a certain button. Clicking on it makes it easy to begin the app’s download.
  2. Once the freeware is officially downloaded, you must perform a couple more tasks with it. The first of them asks you to install the app on the laptop. The second one tells you to launch it on that device.
  3. The handset comes with some important options. The ones that need tapping now are these: Settings and Unknown Sources. The second option we mentioned is just under the first one.
  4. You need to also tap USB Debugging while you’re here. This is the option we mentioned briefly above; in case you’ve activated it before now, skip this part.
  5. Go straight to the next step. This is what it requires of you: plug your XT319 to your laptop. The handset has a USB cable; it’s the best plugging instrument you can find. After using it, wait for the connection to appear between your devices.
  6. When it’s there, begin the phone’s rooting phase. The procedure needs you to activate Root Device (All Methods). Once done with the tapping, the rooting will start.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Give it around 15 minutes to end. If the process doesn’t finish in the amount of time we mentioned, best redo the steps. After the rooting is completed, the smartphone has to be brought back to life. Restart it by tapping Reboot System Now.
  8. Your Motorola XT319 has just restarted itself. That means one thing: its root access is ready to be discovered! So make sure you give it a try or more.

That will be enough to see if the rooting really is what you dreamed of. If the procedure doesn’t leave you amazed, return the phone to its former state. This is done via the SRSRoot, too, just as we told you before.

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