Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

If you’ve been desperate for a good tutorial on how to root your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360, your waiting can officially end starting now. Yes, we have what you need right here.

We quite enjoy this handset, so why not making a guide on how to get more from it? Especially since there are so many great custom ROMs to help with that.


So what is it that you need for such a procedure? Well, first and foremost you should be aware of the fact that it will annihilate the warranty. However, if you are bent on having this smartphone rooted, then the requirements you need to keep in mind are the following.

The Galaxy Y demands a 100 percents charged battery first, then it requires the user to activate the USB Debugging (via the Settings, then Applications, then Development and finally USB Debugging), the performing of a full backup and the turning off of every single security program you may have pre-installed (even Samsung KIES must be stopped).

The file you must download is called Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 .Samsung-Galaxy-Y-GT-S5360

After you get these out of the way, you can turn your attention to our method of rooting the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360.

Important instructions

  1. First step is one which tells you to perform a connection between the PC and the phone via the well-known USB cord (offered by the phone). Now move the archive you downloaded not too long ago into a dedicated folder and then unplug the device from your laptop used for this procedure.
  2. Step 2: switch the former off. This should be followed by this action: select the Volume Up and Home keys (simultaneously, don’t forget) for about 5 seconds while choosing Power.
  3. After the smartphone enter in the Recovery Mode, step 3 of this tutorial needs you to select, via the Volume button, the Install zip from SD card option.
  4. Step 4: use the Power button and find the rooting archive.
  5. Step 5: when you spot it, choose it; this is going to make the phone to start the rooting process. Once it finishes, the Galaxy Y GT-S5360 will restart.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For step number 6 you have to and perform a connection between the PC and the phone once more.
  7. The seventh step requires you to move the BusyBox installer APK archive to the phone’s memory card, then install the BusyBox on it.
  8. Step 8: disconnect the PC and the phone from each other, then turn the phone off.
  9. Step 9: restart the phone into Recovery mode, after which you need to opt for something called Factory reset/Wipe Data.
  10. Step 10 asks you to confirm the action you just performed, then return to the phone’s menu. The last step of our guide goes something like this: choose, once in the phone’s menu, the option labeled Reboot system now. Now watch as the handset reboots and goes into a new phase which you’ll get to enjoy from now on.

  • gary tiedeman

    error code 7 this update is not for GT-S5360t it for GT 5370 it dont work.