Install Jelly Bean 4.3 on HTC One GSM via Android Revolution HD custom ROM

HTC One GSM model is on the right track to welcome an update to this firmware: Jelly Bean 4.3 via the Android Revolution HD custom ROM.

The name of the firmware is very appropriate, since it conveniently adds multiple features for you to try out:

  • stock kernel;
  • no more bloatware applications;
  • BusyBox;
  • better battery that can last more.

and so on. Basically you will get a smartphone that has a lot more to say than it did when you purchased it first.


The tutorial wants to give you the easiest way to get the update. The method we wish to bring to your attention relies on very important pre-requisites. Here they are:

How to flash Android Revolution HD

  1. The Jelly Bean 4.3 Android Revolution HD custom ROM is meant to be on your notebook, so save it on that device after you (file name: Don’t use an unzipping tool on this package, just plug the handset to the notebook (and use the former’s USB cord).
  2. Then move the firmware that you downloaded on your PC; be sure to send it from its desktop to the SD card of your HTC One GSM.
  3. Unplug, once the moving is done, the phone from the notebook, turn the handset off and help it successfully enter HBOOT Mode; after that opt for Recovery Mode and make a full NANDroid backup. If the phone has TeamWin Recovery Project as its running custom recovery image, you should:
    – tap “Backup“;
    – opt for the system parts that you’d like to save;
    – confirm.
    This will make a NANDroid backup.
  4. But in case the smartphone runs the ClockworkMod Recovery, another tutorial is in order to create the full NANDroid backup:
    – opt for Backup & Restore;
    – confirm;
    – wait for the ROM to be backed up.
  5. If done with the above, we recommend you to perform a factory reset depending on the custom recovery image your device holds. Should the TWRP be the one:
    – tap “Wipe“;
    – tap “Factory Reset“;
    – confirm this action.
  6. For the CWM Recovery option you should apply that factory reset like this:
    – choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data;
    – confirm the procedure.
  7. The installation of the will start once you do certain things. Again, they depend on whether your smartphone sports the TWRP or the CWM. For the former, you need to:
    – tap “Install“;
    – load the update firmware into the custom recovery image;
    – confirm.
    The confirmation is done like this: slide a blue button to the right side.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the phone version with the ClockworkMod Recovery on it, you have to do things differently:
    – opt for Install zip from SD card;
    – select Choose zip from SD card;
    – locate the tool for this update;
    – confirm the procedure.
  9. Watch as the flashing of the firmware tool begins. Once it finished, the phone should boot itself into normal mode. With that, our tutorial ends and you can go to your Google account; there, enter your info and start to test out the Jelly Bean 4.3 Android Revolution HD custom ROM. The NANDroid backup we prompted you to to perform earlier can be used in case you want to re-experience the ROM which your HTC One GSM variant sported at first.