How to Root LG Optimus L9 II D605

Once your hands get a hold on a rooted LG Optimus L9 II D605 , you’ll never want to put it down. To get root access on this model, use SRSRoot. If this is your first time performing this useful procedure, you’ll get help from us. So grab your phone and follow us!

First of all, this tool is a dedicated app. You can download it for free and use it with many gadgets from various manufacturers. Including your LG Optimus L9 II D605. This smartphone was unveiled last year. The Build ID we used with your model was KOT49I.D60520a. One of the pros of using the SRSRoot is that it works with many other Build IDs. So you won’t have to use the one we chose for your phone if you have another ID on your mind.

The processor inside your handset is of the dual-core 1.4 GHz Krait variety. Its speed will increase significantly after the rooting. Which means that the smartphone will deliver a better performance.LG-Optimus-L9-II-D605

The benefits of this procedure

Equipped with Android 4.4.2 KitKat as an OS, your phone won’t end up with this version deleted from it. This dedicated app won’t allow that to happen; the app functions with every single one of the Android versions out there.

You can, if you want to, revoke root access with the SRSRoot dedicated app. This tool has numerous goodies to offer. But before we mention them, you should know that it is powered by an SRS Server. If you use it to root your handset, the latter will be spared the following: serious security issues. You will also not experience bloatware.

Now let’s see what this aplication is able to deliver. It will all start with these: root-only apps and a series of fresh new features. You also get superuse and admin permission. More to come are the following: custom ROMs. Battery tweaks and customization methods are on the menu, too.

Unfortunately, a rooting also means disadvantages. Especially when perfoming an upgrade. Should the latter be on your mind, the phone will have its root access and system partition no more. But the internal / external SD cards and important data will be safe from such problems. If you don’t consider an update, though, the rooting will still deliver something negative: the loss of the warranty.


Should you want to go on with this guide, do so by performing our pre-requisites:

Step by step instructions

  1. Begin the procedure with this first task: download the SRSRoot software on your notebook. A download link to do that is here. Click on it to start the process, then install the same app on the same device.
  2. When you’ve launched it there, too, be sure to enable Unknown Sources. This particular option is to be found under Settings; which you can get to by tapping Menu on your handset.
  3. Now that the right option has been tapped, access USB Debugging. In case this option hasn’t been turned on before now, turn it on while you’re at this stage.
  4. Continue with this next step: realize a connection between your notebook and your Optimus L9. This action has to be done with the USB cord of your LG Optimus L9 II D605. The plugging should now begin.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After it is generated, time to root the smartphone. Go to the handset’s Root Device (All Methods) first.
  6. Then click on this option to start the actual procedure. Wait for about 12 minutes. Should more than 15 minutes pass without anything happening, we suggest repeating the steps.
  7. If the rooting is done on time, restart the phone by tapping its Reboot System Now option. After you’ve performed this last step, you’ll be offered access to everything a rooting is all about.

If you find that root access isn’t all that great, we recommend unrooting the D605. This is where the SRSRoot will come in handy!

Try our comment section below if you ever experience problems with the rooting.

  • Wylany

    Didn’t work for KOT49I.D60520b

  • inekafe

    So, if I got this right, am I able to root LG Optimus L9 II with 4.4.2 KitKat? Just like that? because till now it was only doable by rooting 4.1.2 JellyBean, then installing CWM, then updating to KitKat through CWM and then root through CWM…so by following this guide should I be able to root LG L9 II with stock KitKat or not? thanks for answer…

    • Catalin Nichita

      Yes, it should work for your device.

      • inekafe

        hmm…and should it be permanent root or just something like TowelRoot does? because that app can root L9 II with KitKat, but it’s rooted only until next restart of phone…after restart root’s gone…or better question – have you/or someone you see actually done it? rooted L9 II with KitKat and it was working after reboots, restarts, after some time of using, etc.? I just updated my phone to KitKat, but I don’t want to “try it”, I don’t have time for that, I need to know, if it’s really working or not…because in this article is nothing of such kind – if you or someone actually did it, it seems to me just like a hypothesis…

        • Catalin Nichita

          It should be permanent root. However, with the same app, you can undone the entire procedure with just one click if something goes wrong.

  • salvis

    —= SRS One-Click-Root v4.7 =—

    22:55:13 – Starting ADB Server..
    22:55:18 – Manufacturer: LGE
    22:55:18 – Model: LG-D605
    22:55:19 – Android Version: 4.4.2
    22:55:19 – Build ID: KOT49I.D60520a
    22:55:19 – Board ID: l9ii
    22:55:19 – Chipset Platform: msm8960
    22:55:19 – Getting OffSets.. : 0x8003 0x8005 (False)

    please help 🙁

    • Catalin Nichita

      Are you sure the process is not running? After this message you should that the rooting process will continue.

  • Carl

    So, you just need to download the program, its the installer with the new root (both), and do you need to factory reset your phone, or do somenthing before?

  • timothy

    Please help……. 😀

  • Paulius

    That’s what I get.

    —= SRS One-Click-Root v4.7 =—

    17:45:00 – Starting ADB Server..
    17:45:06 – Manufacturer: LGE
    17:45:06 – Model: LG-D605
    17:45:06 – Android Version: 4.4.2
    17:45:06 – Build ID: KOT49I.D60520d
    17:45:06 – Board ID: l9ii
    17:45:06 – Chipset Platform: msm8960
    17:45:06 – Getting OffSets.. : 0x8003 0x8005 (False)
    17:45:07 – Query Server for Best Method.. Not Found (SmartRoot not possible yet)

    —-= Start Rooting Process.. Please Wait =—-

    17:45:09 [+] Testing exploit: root5b (please wait..)
    17:45:16 [+] Device Reboot #1 (Wait till it’s started)
    17:46:32 [+] Checking Security….
    17:46:32 [+] Executing root5b exploit Failed.
    17:46:32 [+] Testing exploit: root5 (please wait..)
    17:46:34 [+] Unlock your device screen, it should bring up restore mode.
    17:47:05 [+] Press RESTORE button on device NOW! then wait…
    17:47:37 [+] Device Reboot #1 (Wait till it’s started)
    17:48:39 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/W..

    17:48:39 Error: Failed to remount filesystem 🙁

  • Eresxy

    Build ID: KOT49I.D60520f didn’t root