How to Root Motorola ATRIX TV XT682

Motorola ATRIX TV XT682 has been craving a change. The procedure it will be exposed to below is all but essential. If the phone doesn’t get familiar with root access, it’ll miss out on many things. These being said, prepare for great new stuff!

Since it’s been exposed to the general public in 2012, your phone has been needing improvement. That is certainly offered by SRSRoot. This is a rooting app which is popular for a lot of reasons. The fact that it can improve any device it’s on is part of the appeal. The app is available as a free tool. When it was launched, its creators wanted something that would be compatible with all of the Android OS variants. Which it is; the SRSRoot doesn’t mind your phone’s Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread at all! The gadget you use this freeware on may be different to the Motorola ATRIX XT682. That’s perfectly fine; the app offers compatibility with every available product.

The benefits of this procedure

Your smartphone is about to receive a lot of necessary modifications. They’re done via numerous tweaks. The most important ones: customization and battery options. There are also custom ROMs and then these: new features. The latter are closely followed by superuser / admin permission. The rest of the novelties are all about root-only apps.Motorola-ATRIX-TV-XT682

The rooting you’re getting into implies a faster 1 GHz CPU for your phone. The app is powered by an SRS Server and you can always use this freeware as an unrooting option. V1.51D is the Build ID we used for the procedure. The SRSRoot app is going to accept every other Build ID you want to opt for.

Once the rooting is finally completed, the warranty will have been revoked. To make it appear again, look for a guide on how to restore a device’s warranty.

When the smartphone is asked to go through an update, make sure you know the risks. Which are the following: revoked root access along with a deleted system partition. Stuff of importance, like data and internal / external SD cards, escape damage.


Your Motorola ATRIX TV and the notebook require certain preparations. These will make it easy to get the root access. The pre-requisites we want you to follow are below:

  • the phone has a battery that must be fully charged for a rooting;
  • provide ADB drivers for your notebook by launching this link;
  • following the download of the drivers on that device, install them there;
  • USB Debugging must then be activated on the handset;
  • the phone’s data has to be kept safe, which means backups must be created;
  • now be sure to have a full NANDroid backup performed;
  • deactivate those programs that provide protection against viruses on your handset;
  • the notebook’s own security programs should be disabled;
  • the notebook must feature only Windows.

Step by step instructions

This tutorial is also made of steps. You’re required to have all of them performed.

  1. This is the first action: open, on your notebook, this website. Now simply click on the page’s download button. There’s a purpose to this button: Its activation means that the SRSRoot gets on the notebook.
  2. If it’s there by now, make sure this app is installed and after that launched there.
  3. Phase two of the guide: tap Menu. Next: enable Settings and an Unknown Sources option that is under it. We now have to ask you to do this: tap USB Debugging.
  4. Do so only if the latter has not yet been activated. Then ensure a connection between the notebook and your XT682 via the latter’s USB cable.
  5. The plugging should go smoothly. Then, once the two are thus plugged to one another, you can get to the next step. Its role: to help you enter the handset in the rooting mode. Give this action a nudge by enabling Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This next part is easy to do; just let the rooting start and then reach its conclusion. The end will be near in around 10-15 minutes. Everything that exceeds this amount of time is a problem.
  7. If the rooting goes on for more than 15 minutes, repeat the steps. Then be sure to perform the final task. Like this: tap Reboot System Now. Your Motorola ATRIX TV XT682 is on its way to be restarted.
  8. That is all. What awaits you now is the following: explore the handset’s root access. If the new things you see are irrelevant, maybe you want to revoke that root access.

In case you don’t know how: remember what we said about the SRSRoot. This app is very much up to the task of revoking the procedure.

Maybe you want help with the rooting. If you run into various issues, allow us to help. And the way to do that is to leave your questions in the section below.