How to Root Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611

Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611 expands its potential right after you root it. Having access to different performance boosters and new additions means a lot. That will become obvious today.

Your device is given the chance to outshine its past performance. There are a lot of novelties on the side, too. If you’re wondering what means of rooting we came across, it was this app: SRSRoot. This tool won’t ask you to pay for it. Instead, it’s available for free. Another thing that’s important to mention here: the freeware can be used without fear of security problems. That being said, let’s proceed to what’s great about the SRSRoot.

The advantages of this procedure

Ending up with this app on the phone helps the latter’s 800 MHz CPU enhance its speed. Besides sporting a faster processor, your Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611 will soon have admin / superuser permission; also important is the addition of the latest features available today. Since its release in 2012, the handset has access to custom ROMs, also. If the smartphone’s battery been giving you a hard time, the rooting will make it last longer than ever before.Motorola-Motosmart-Flip-XT611

You are going to own a device featuring many customization tools. It’s also great to have many root-only apps. These and every other novelty we mentioned are all the work of an app containing no bloatware. With such a tool on your phone, nothing will happen to its Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread OS. If you feel like revoking the phone’s root access, the SRSRoot doubles as unrooting material. The guide was written using V4.580. The latter is a Build ID; the freeware accepts a lot of other Build IDs, not just this one. The app can work with different gadgets and it’s powered by an SRS Server.

On your Motorola Motosmart Flip there’s default warranty. The rooting has the power of revoking it. A well-chosen guide is quick to take it back; but use that guide which mentions the phone you have on you.

There is something else to be said before moving on to the rooting. In the case of upgrading your handset, some things will happen. The update is capable of erasing the system partition. It will revoke the root access, too. Other things are left unharmed. They’re internal / external SD cards, crucial data and everything else in-between.


In case you’re aiming for a rooting, you have to comply to several pre-requisites. Once you’re done with them, the actual procedure can debut. These requirements ask you to:

  • download and install USB drivers on the notebook;
  • install the drivers on it afterwards;
  • tap, on the smartphone, the option called USB Debugging;
  • it’s crucial that you make some backups to lose nothing of importance featured on your handset;
  • it’s also essential that you make a full NANDroid backup;
  • the notebook should sport Windows for this guide;
  • turn off the handset’s security programs;
  • then have the ones incorporated on the notebook turned off, also;
  • a fully charged Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611 is required.

Step by step instructions

A quick look at our steps below and root access will become available!

  1. Be careful to download, on your notebook, the SRSRoot. We suggest using this website and click on the download button it pops up. As soon as the freeware becomes an important part on the notebook, flash it there.
  2. After you open it, tap Menu and Settings on your XT611 . The action to be performed next is this one: activate the option under Settings. Unknown Sources is its particular name.
  3. We’re not done yet with the options that must be tapped. Another one is the USB Debugging we told you to activate not long ago. Perform this task if you have not tapped the option earlier.
  4. After that, take a hold of the phone’s USB cable. The thing it can do is very important; this cord can provide a connection between your notebook and the Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611.
  5. You’re soon going to be asked to root the handset. When that time comes, all you should do is tap Root Device (All Methods). Once done with the latter, wait for the process to be over.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]It will all be over in 15 minutes (more or less). If the procedure refuses to be over in that amount of time, nothing will be better than to redo the steps.
  7. Your Motorola Motosmart Flip once done with this phase, all you have to do is start it again. Use this method to do it: tap Reboot System Now.
  8. The handset will then embrace the rooting benefits we previously mentioned. Should you not find them as exciting as you you hoped they’d be, unroot the device.

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