How to Root Samsung Galaxy Rush SPH-M830

Samsung Galaxy Rush (Boost Mobile version) is by all means a smartphone you need to check out sometime soon. But, if you already own this particular model, then you should know that you can root it with this tutorial.


The specs of this phone are fine as they are. But it’s a good idea to consider rooting the Galaxy Rush SPH-M830 if you are after many more possibilities with this smartphone. We will always say this before any such procedure: once your device is rooted, its warranty will not be available anymore. Only by unrooting the phone will you be able to use it again.

Requirements-wise, you need to use a PC that runs Windows, you have to charge the battery of the handset, create backups using our guides and download three files on your laptop. These files are the following: ClockworkMod Recovery, SuperSU and Odin tool.Galaxy-Rush-SPH-M830

How to install a custom recovery image

Before we tell you what steps to follow in order to root the Galaxy Rush M830, we will first give you those steps which will help install a custom recovery image on it.

  1. The first of them goes like this: after you’ve downloaded the three files from the pre-requisites segment of our guide, send them to your PC’s desktop.
  2. Step two: extract what the Odin archive holds to the same desktop.
  3. Step three will have you plug the smartphone to the laptop by way of the USB cord belonging to the Rush, then copy the SuperSU zip archive to the phone’s SD card root before you unplug the devices from each other once the transfer is done.
  4. The tasks to be performed for step number four are as follows: go to the Odin file, double-click on it so that it opens and afterwards click on PDA.
  5. Step number five needs you to opt for the ClockworkMod Recovery file and, after you’re done, activate Auto Reboot if it isn’t already.
  6. Step six is here to ask that you do the following: turn the Galaxy Rush off to be able to enter it in Download Mode. Here is how to perform the latter: press and simultaneously hold the buttons for Volume Down and Power.
  7. For step seven it is recommended that you connect the handset to the laptop again and then tap on Start. The installation of the recovery tool will begin in the eighth step. The smartphone will soon reboot.


Now that you are done and the phone features the custom recovery, here are the steps to follow for our rooting tutorial.

  1. Step one: as soon as you power the Galaxy Rush SPH-M830 off, you need to reboot it into Recovery Mode by performing a holding down of the keys called Volume Up and Power at the same time. The next task: choose Install zip from SD card once you are in the recovery menu.
  2. Step two will require the following: opt for Choose zip from SD card, then choose the SuperSU zip file. The installation of the latter will signal the following operation that needs to be performed: reboot the smartphone. Now that your Samsung Galaxy Rush is using CWM Recovery and is rooted, you can flash custom ROMs, root-only apps and many other beauties.
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  • Marc Sqrle Corley


    • Tom

      happened to me too. after that press start again and it should work.

    • Jonathan

      how long did it take thou

  • shawn

    when i go to install super su it says everification failed and does not root my phone why?

    • Catalin Nichita

      You must install ClockworkMod Recovery image to solve that problem. Take a look at Google Play Store and get the app.

  • Alberto Martinez

    when i tried to install clockworkmod recovery everything went apparently good, at the end the odin program said Passed!, but when i tried to get into it from my phone it didn’t boot into it, then i downloaded a “root checker” from the play store and it said “sorry this device does not have proper root access”. any thoughts as to how to fix this, or did i do something wrong, i’m running the galaxy rush with android 4.1.2

  • Kevin Mills

    I appreciate the effort of posting instructions, but the wording is a bit convoluted. For instance:

    Step three will have you plug the smartphone to the laptop by way of
    the USB cord belonging to the Rush, then copy the SuperSU zip archive
    to the phone’s SD card root before you unplug the devices from each
    other once the transfer is done.

    That last part has the sequence of events out of time and should have read,”Copy the SuperSU zip archive to the phone’s SD card root. When the transfer is done, unplug the USB cord from the phone.

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