March, 2015

How to root Sony Xperia M C1904


You’ll have plenty to do with¬†Sony Xperia M C1904¬†following its rooting. This is a very important method of experiencing things your device hasn’t had before. It will all begin shortly! A device like yours...

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note II CDMA SCH-I605


Samsung Galaxy Note II CDMA SCH-I605 will become stronger after you root it. For this occasion, we present to you SRSRoot. Such a special tool does wonders to the phone. You will see why...

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE SM-N900W8


Another Samsung device ends up rooted today: Galaxy Note 3 LTE SM-N900W8. The actions that lead to this are all a part of this guide. In order to become a rooted smartphone, a special...

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