How to Root Motorola XOOM MZ604

Something needs to be done to Motorola Xoom MZ604 if you don’t like its performance. Improvement options are always available. To grab all of them, a good idea is root access. Below is the tool to use in such a case!

The rooting material we’re here to talk about comes with many novelties. Each of them has the purpose of changing something else on the tablet. In the end, your device’s performance will be heaps improved. Here’s a sneak peek: your tablet’s Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich can’t be removed.

The benefits of this rooting method

But how about a name for this rooting instrument we’ve been mentioning? Here it is: SRSRoot. Its uses are many. Besides keeping the Android version intact, this app delivers its new things for free. You don’t have to experience bloatware with this freeware. Likewise, there are no security problems to affect the performance of your device. You have the possibility to use this tool on a large number of products with different names; release dates don’t matter to the app, either. The SRSRoot is able to easily unroot the gadgets it finds itself on.Motorola-XOOM-MZ604

It’s already been 3 years since your tablet’s been made available. There is the following CPU on it: dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9. This processor has its speed loads improved. Your Motorola XOOM MZ604 won’t be missing out on longer battery life and new features. The SRS Serve-powered app also contains root-only apps. These are quickly joined by admin / superuser permission. A number of customization tools land on the device, also. As do these: custom ROMs.

A Build ID has to be decided. In our case, we opted for I.7.1-45. The SRSRoot accepts many other ID versions. Your tablet, called Motorola XOOM MZ606 too, ends up with a removed warranty. Recovering it is a task for a dedicated guide.

You are going to miss out on the tablet’s system partition and root access alike. They are both affected by a potential upgrade. When this happens, the former is deleted and the latter is revoked. The damage will not extend to these: internal / external SD cards and important content.


We prepared some requirements. Perform them before you root the Motorola Xoom MZ604:

  • your Motorola XOOM MZ604 agrees with certain USB drivers located over here;
  • download them on your laptop, then make sure you install them on this product;
  • USB Debugging has to be activated on the tablet;
  • start backups to protect the tablet’s data from potential harm;
  • concern yourself with a full NANDroid backup afterwards;
  • Windows should be the laptop’s operating system;
  • the tablet’s battery is to be charged if the device is running low;
  • security programs should be turned off on the tablet;
  • the laptop’s security programs are to be turned off after that.

Step by step instructions

Something very important needs to be done now. Find what it is below!

  1. The SRSRoot is available at this address. Open the website on the laptop. After doing that, perform a download of the app on it. Like this: click on the download button which is there.
  2. You will then need to do the following with this tool: flash it on your laptop. After it’s launched, turn on Settings from Menu on your tablet. Unknown Sources is also on the tablet; and it needs an activation, too. Do that after you see it under the Settings option.
  3. Next up, be sure that USB Debugging is really turned on; that’s what you were asked to perform for those crucial pre-requisites. If the option is already turned on, there is no need to activate it again.
  4. Just make sure you use the tablet’s USB cord. Why do that? This is the instrument which performs a connection between the laptop and your MZ604. Using this method provides a safe and easy way to ensure the compulsory plugging.
  5. The two will establish that in a few minutes. When everything is ready, the rooting can start. You should make this happen via this guideline: tap Root Device (All Methods).
  6. A waiting time of 13 minutes more or less is what you should go through. Don’t be afraid to repeat the steps if the rooting has to take more time than necessary.
  7. In order to be done with this tutorial, it’s necessary that you perform one more step. To end things well, you need this option: Reboot System Now. It’s going to make sure your Motorola XOOM restarts so that you can enjoy the newly added root access.

If you think the new stuff is utterly useless, rely on the SRSRoot. The app will, as previously stated, revoke the root access.

A comment section is also part of this tutorial.

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