Root Sony Xperia Acro S

Sony released their newest handset, called Xperia Acro S, this summer. Thanks to a talented developer, you can now root this device whenever you want. This guide will tell you all about the methods you need to use.


If you’re not familiar with how a rooting process works, we’ll tell you what to expect and what requirements your Xperia Acro S needs. First of all, you have to fully charge the phone, then download the following files on your laptop: , , , and (also called Acro HD 2.3.7 firmware).

The next thing you have to do is make possible the installation of applications from other sources than Google Play. For that you must access the Settings > Applications then check the Unknown sources option. Then make sure you use a laptop or comp which has Windows on it (7, Vista or XP).

Another prerequisite is to activate the USB debugging using these steps: Settings, then Developer options, then activating the Debugging option. Don’t forget to install the necessary drivers. Next up: change the display timeout using the next steps: Settings, then access the Display option and change the Sleep timer to 30 minutes. Finally: perform a backup of all data on your Xperia Acro S.Sony-Xperia-acro-S

Flash the Acro HD 2.3.7 Firmware

  1. And now it’s time to find out how to flash the Acro HD 2.3.7 Firmware. Begin by unzipping the SO-03D_6.0.A.5.12_Docomo archive file to a dedicated directory (usually on the desktop), then look for a file called SO-03D_6.0.A.5.12_Docomo.ftf.
  2. When you see it, proceed to the next step: install Flashtool on your laptop. Then take the SO-03D_6.0.A.5.12_Docomo.ftf and move it to the flashtool>firmwares folder, previously emptied.
  3. After this comes another step: access the Start button, then Programs, then select the Flashtool option.
  4. Now you need to select the Flash option, then Flashmode and finally select the SO-03D firmware. Flash is an icon in the form of a lightning bolt; it’s located underneath “File“.
  5. When you’re done, verify that under the Wipe section all the fields are selected.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now you can click OK and do what the screen tells you to. However, make sure to select and keep selected the Volume Down key.
  7. The following thing to do is to simply wait until the flashing process is finishing. When it does, shut down the Flashtool and proceed to the actual rooting phase.

The rooting process

  1. Which debuts with step 1: turn the Xperia Acro S on.
  2. The second step is this one: perform a connection between the PC and the phone and unzip the Rootkingkit1.0.2.rar archive; the latter needs to go to a dedicated directory.
  3. You now have to execute the Step 1.bat file and flash the LT26w_6.1.A.1.58 (4.0.4)_Taiwan_Sony.ftf file. Keep in mind that under the Wipe section all the fields must be not selected. The No Final Verification option must remain selected.
  4. For step 4 you need to close Flashtool when you are done with the earlier step and then turn the phone on.
  5. Step 5: connect the handset to the laptop and execute the Step2.bat previously unzipped from the Rootkingkit1.0.2.rar archive. The Sony Xperia Acro S will begin to root.