Update Galaxy Nexus I9250 to Android 4.3 SlimBean Stable build custom ROM

Galaxy Nexus I9250 is soon going to get a taste of an upgrade in the form of SlimBean stable build custom ROM. The file we reserved especially for your handset is here to bring Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on your smartphone.

Along with this firmware you are also about to test out the multitude of features, battery enhancements, tweaks, performance improvements and so on which are the property of the update file.


A must for our upgrade guide includes, first of all, these pre-requisites:

  • root your Galaxy Nexus I9250
  • install a custom recovery on the handset (be it TeamWin Recovery Project or ClockworkMod Recovery)
  • the smartphone must have its factory specifically unlocked
  • the device’s in-built battery must be fully charged
  • you should consider creating a normal and then a full NANDroid backup using this tutorial;
  • USB Debugging must be enabled on your smartphone.

As we continue with this tutorial, you and your Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 shall receive what you are after once you are done with the upcoming steps. Follow all of them and the phone will have its update.Galaxy-Nexus-I9250


  1. First, your laptop will need the following 2 update files: (file name: Slim_AIO_gapps.4.3.build.1.zip) and the (file name: Slim-maguro-4.3.build.1-OFFICIAL-899.zip) After they are downloaded on the device we mentioned, it’s time to plug the handset to the notebook or PC you use; for a smooth plugging phase, it’s recommended that you take full advantage of the USB cord which is the property of your Google Nexux.
  2. Then, once the connection has been created, you need to do as follows: copy the two files from your laptop and paste them both to the SD card root of the phone. At the end of this transfer, you will have to unplug the handset from your notebook and then turn the smartphone off.
  3. Be sure to pursue the following task: enter the phone in Bootloader Mode. After that you need to enter the device in Recovery Mode (via this guide) and make a NANDroid backup should you have forgotten about creating one.
  4. Making one will heavily depend on whether TWRP or CWM is on your Nexus I9250. If it’s the former, you must press, first, “Backup” and then choose only the files you need to save; confirm afterwards. However, of the CWM is installed on the phone, it’s best to opt for Backup&Restore, make sure to save the backup file to the internal storage of your handset and then have everything confirmed.
  5. On to the next action: how to apply Factory reset on your smartphone. Piece of cake: if the device has the TWRP on it, then simply tap “Wipe” followed by “Factory reset” and confirm. For the phone which uses the CWM, we ask you to choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data and afterwards be sure to confirm.
  6. Moving on, let’s find out how to install the SlimBean on your phone. For things to go smoothly, you will have to consider the following if the phone uses TWRP: click on “Install“, continue by loading the update firmware and then confirm; for the latter, do this: swipe a button colored blue.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]In case of a CWM recovery, you should choose these options first: Install zip from SD card and Choose zip from SD card; after that, flash the update tool after locating it. All of the above applies for the installation of the Slim-Gapps, so repeat those actions to get this file.
  8. After you get both files on the Nexus I9250, you should end the guide by restarting the phone once you’re back in its Recovery Menu. The Home screen will then appear, which is the sign of a successful upgrade.

Did you notice your handset entering a boot loop? Solve this by doing this: after the smartphone is turned off, you should redo the guide.