Update HTC One with Sense 5.0 UI to Renovate Custom ROM

HTC One with its Sense 5.0 UI can be installed with Renovate Custom ROM in case you were on the lookout for new features, tweaks and a better-performing smartphone.


The path that you need to take to reach an updated HTC One should begin with these requirements: locate either TWRP or CWM Recovery and install it on the phone, have the One model that has its bootloader unlocked, make backups using this guide, charge the device’s battery, flash USB drivers for the handset on your laptop and make sure the latter comes with Windows on deck.

After performing this set of pre-requisites, you should know that the tool we will use for our tutorial offers SuperUser, is zipaligned, comes with SQLite app, BusyBox, is deodexed and has no annoying bloatware. Also, it has multilanguage custom ROM and its looks are clean.

There is AROMA installer, memory optimization, performance optimization and many other neat options. Moreover, the battery unit of your HTC One is going to run much longer than it does now.HTC-One

How to flash Renovate ROM on HTC One

  1. To completely enjoy all of the advantages above, you need to follow our tutorial. First, download the Renovate Custom ROM then switch the phone off.
  2. Second move: enter it in Recovery Mode by holding down Volume Up and Power.
  3. Then stay in that mode and make a NANDroid backup by opting for Backup&Restore and after that choosing Backup. In case you use the TeamWin Recovery Project tool instead of the ClockworkMod Recovery one, you need to perform that NANDroid backup by tapping Backup and next sliding a blue key in order to have the task quickly confirmed.
  4. Then find and download OrDroid ROM and copy the zip file to the smartphone’s SD card root.
  5. As soon as the task has been performed, you will be asked the following: download Fastboot Package to your notebook and then extract its content; you will get fastboot.zip file, which needs to be unzipped to your comp’s c:\ drive, where it is going to write a fastboot directory on the hard disk. The latter folder should have 4 files.
  6. Now extract the files of the first zip file you needed to save on your laptop. You should see a boot.img file; send it to the fastboot folder and after that power the handset off.
  7. Then make it reach Fastboot Mode by doing the following: hold down Volume Down and Power. Next action on the list: connect the HTC One to your laptop via the USB cord shipping with the phone, then launch the fastboot directory.
  8. After the folder is open, you have to complete these tasks: run flash-boot-windows.bat file. This shall flash the boot.img file on the handset. Wait for that to end, then disconnect the handset from your notebook.
  9. Now opt for HBOOT on the HTC One. Then choose Recovery; the device is going to reach Recovery Mode where you will be told to opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data, confirm this, choose Wipe Cache, confirm this action as well, then opt for Wipe Dalvik Cache and then have this confirmed too.
  10. After every single one of the wiping tasks has been operated, you can now go back to your phone’s Main Menu via an option known as Go Back, then choose Install zip from SD card.
  11. Next option to select: Choose zip from SD card. After that you should look for the update file, confirm its flashing and wait for the end of the installation.
  12. Then opt for Go Back. Now choose the phone’s restarting option and your HTC One will end up being installed with the Renovate ROM for your full enjoyment.
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