Upgrade Sony Xperia T with JellyBam Android 4.1.2 ROM

Our plan for today is simple: teach our readers how to update their Sony Xperia T with JellyBam Android 4.1.2 custom ROM. And we’ll do that in two steps: first we’ll let you in on the kind of requirements needed beforehand and two: we will give out the steps that make this tutorial of ours. Oh, and bear in mind that this tool is not an official one.


Anyhow, please be sure to do as the following pre-requisites tell you to. Which looks something like this: use a laptop with Windows as its operating system, make a backup (include all data that you’ll need to use later on), get (and then flash) ClockworkMod Recovery on the handset, root the device, disable the security features on both your Xperia T and your comp, make a stock ROM NANDroid backup as well, charge the battery of the phone and turn USB Debugging on it.

As usual when performing an update, your smartphone’s warranty will no longer be there at the end of the day; so you’ll need to get it back. But how? Very easy: just update with software coming directly from Google. Or you can also downgrade the phone to its original stock ROM.Sony-Xperia-T

How to Upgrade Sony Xperia T with JellyBam Android 4.1.2 custom ROM

Now comes the second phase of our guide. And it contains the following very important steps:

  1. The first of the bunch goes in this manner: download on your laptop and then plug the handset to the comp. When this operation is completed, you need to move the archive you downloaded on your device’s memory card.
  2. For step two you have to take the USB cable out of the phone. Next: switch the Xperia T off.
  3. Step three requires you to reboot the latter. The way to achieve this purpose is the following: press Power and wait for the LED light to turn a shade of purple. Once it does, tap on Volume Down (if you have the version made last year) or on Back (if your phone was made two years ago).
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 4 needs you to wait for the Recovery Mode to appear and, once it’s on the display, you have to create a backup if you haven’t so far. Opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data.
  5. Choose this option: Wipe Cache Partition and tap on Go back. When you’re in the main menu, you should opt for Install ZIP from SD card.
  6. For step 6 you are asked to select Choose ZIP from SD card; follow this action by choosing and installing the update file. A couple of minutes will be needed for the update to end.
  7. The seventh step will need you to choose two options: Go back and then Reboot System Now. The Sony Xperia T will then finally boot.

And so this phone of yours is going to be updated with the JellyBam Android 4.1.2 ROM.