Update LG Nexus 4 E960 with unofficial MIUI V5 Jelly Bean 4.3 Custom ROM

This is a great opportunity for owners of LG Nexus 4 E960: in the upcoming paragraphs you will know how to update your handset to Unofficial MIUI V5 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM. As for requirements, this guide includes them, too.


This tutorial debuts with the following pre-requisites:

  • root your handset (you can use this guide for this action);
  • install a custom recovery image on it;
  • create backups to make sure the handset’s important content doesn’t get lost at the end of the upgrade process;
  • see if the phone requires a full charge of its battery or not (and charge it if the battery is running low);
  • turn on USB Debugging by going to Developer Options;
  • use the Google Nexus 4 that is already sporting an unlocked bootloader;
  • download (file name: aokp_nozomi-ota-eng.koen_131005.zip) and Gapps package (on your notebook or personal computer). The Google Apps and Extras V5 archive is available at . The Google Apps No Extras V2 file is available for (file name: WhatsApp+v3.35D-295196.apk);
  • get rid of your device’s PIN (the reason: the fact that it’s broken).LG-Nexus-4-E960


  1. After you have finished with these requirements, you must make sure you don’t unzip the contents of the two packages you saved on your laptop.
  2. Then plug your LG Nexus 4 to the notebook and transfer the two files from the notebook to the SD card root of the smartphone. After you’ve completed this transfer, you should unplug the devices from one another and after that switch the smartphone off.
  3. Now you should do the following: enter the E960 in Bootloader Mode and in Recovery Mode.
  4. After you have landed your device in the Recovery Mode, you will have to make a full NANDroid backup by performing two sets of mini guides depending on what custom recovery image your phone has. In other words: if the device has TWRP, you have to tap “Backup“, choose the system files that you want to have backed up and finish by confirming the procedure. However, if there’s CWM Recovery installed on your handset instead, you need to make a NANDroid backup by choosing “Backup & Restore“, then confirm the process.
  5. Once you have applied all of the above, the next thing you should do is this: apply a factory reset by tapping “Wipe” and clicking on “Factory reset“; confirm and that’s all. This should happen if your custom recovery is the TWRP option. If, instead, you work with the CWM Recovery, then choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data and confirm.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After the factory reset has been performed, you will be asked to flash the MIUI V5 Unofficial ROM. This time around, you will also have to flash that considering the custom recovery your smartphone has. If it’s TWRP: tap “Install”, locate the required custom ROM zip and then confirm its installation by doing this: slide a blue button. In case the CWM Recovery is used, you have to opt for “Install zip from SD card“, select “Choose zip from SD card“, locate the upgrade file and confirm.
  7. The flashing of the custom ROM should begin shortly after you are done with the previous actions. So as to install the Google Apps package, you have to repeat everything you performed for the installation of the MIUI V5.
  8. Go back to the Recovery Mode after both installation phases are done and then restart your Nexus 4. When the latter restarts into Normal Mode, it will have the MIUI V5 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM.