How to Root Galaxy Victory 4G LTE SPH-L300

Galaxy Victory 4G LTE SPH-L300 will suffer no more from lack of features, a slow CPU and so on. The solution to all of these problems (and more) is delivered by a rooting tool. To see how it can help your cause, take a look at this tutorial.

It’s been already 2 years since your device has been released. Its performance may have gotten a bit rusty in the meantime. SRSRoot is the app to change all of that. A dedicated tool by nature, this app is free to download; on top of that, it’s powered by an SRS Server.

The speed behind your gadget is offered by this CPU: dual-core 1200 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Lite MSM8960. The processor will undoubtedly perform faster if the device is rooted. The SRSRoot app can also deliver a greatly improved battery life. And it’s great to know that it can be used on all the available gadgets. As long as the app is on your Galaxy Victory SPH-L300, the latter will be exempt from viruses and bloatware.Galaxy-Victory-4G-LTE-SPH-L300

The benefits of this procedure

When operating the SRSRoot, your SPH-L300 is sure to contain these: admin and superuser permission. We shouldn’t forget these additions: root-only apps and custom ROMs. A great variety of tweaks will allow you to customize the smartphone, too. New features are also on the menu. Your handset’s Android 4.0.4 operating system will be safe from damage; the app will prevent this version from being erased. In fact, the SRSRoot is compatible with all the Android versions ever conceived.

Behold the Build ID used for this tutorial: IMM76D.L300VPALF4. You should know that the app we chose lets the gadget’s owner use various other Build IDs. Today’s rooting method can also work as an unrooting option.

Disadvantages to rooting your device also exist. Particularly if you think of updating it afterwards. The two major cons of doing us deal with the phone’s system partition and its root access. The latter is the first to be affected; once upgraded, the device’s root access will be revoked. The root access will be wiped out. Nothing of this magnitude will happen to the data and internal / external SD cards. The warranty is sure to go away; grabbing it back requires a tutorial dedicated to your device’s model.


The smartphone’s rooting is upon us. There are a couple of things you need to do for the next few minutes. These actions are described below:

  • this place online holds USB drivers that fit your smartphone, so launch this page;
  • after that, install the drivers on your laptop or notebook;
  • a quick look at the handset’s battery will tell you if it needs to be recharged;
  • in order to not lose anything of importance, prepare your phone for backups;
  • initiate, next, a full NANDroid backup for the same device;
  • the OS version which must operate on your laptop is Windows;
  • deactivate those programs that protect the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE SPH-L300 from viruses;
  • the laptop’s security software should also be turned off;
  • enable USB Debugging on your smartphone.

Step by step instructions

Great care should be given to the next steps. Only with their help will your gadget be rooted.

  1. The first thing to perform: download the SRSRoot freeware from here on your laptop. A dedicated button will appear on said page; your job is to click on it.
  2. After the file’s downloading process is done, you can have the app installed on the laptop.
  3. Launch it on the latter and then do as follows: tap Settings after enabling Menu. Under this is an option labelled Unknown Sources; you should tap it.
  4. Once this is enabled, you’ll be able to move on. But don’t do that before you’ve activated USB Debugging. This is the option we mentioned before; so only activate it if you hadn’t done so.
  5. You can continue with the following action: plug the Samsung SPH-L300 to your laptop. This is an action which cannot be done without help; the handset’s USB cord will be essential here.
  6. After a connection’s achieved with this tool, you should get ready to start the rooting. There’s one option in particular which helps with this procedure.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]That option is Root Device (All Methods). Now that you’ve tapped the latter, stand back and let the procedure run its full course. In a matter of 15 minutes, the process will be complete.
  8. If you see that it all takes a whole lot more than 15 minutes, then be sure to redo the steps. If this doesn’t happen, reboot the SPH-L300. That’s why Reboot System Now exists; you need only tap it and the device will come back to life.

Which means that you’ll be allowed to finally enjoy those new goodies! The novelties may prove too much. Revoke the root access with the same app used for this procedure.

Should there be trouble with the rooting, you can ask questions in the box below.