Update Galaxy Chat B5330 with XXUBMD2 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 should be able to offer an improved Jelly Bean 4.1.2 operating system.

But, since it doesn’t, you can get it if you try out our guide that comes with XXUBMD2 in tow. The update is official and is packed full with many features that you are sure to love once you start using them.


As for guidelines before you follow this tutorial: charge the battery of the smartphone, turn on USB debugging from Settings (tap on “Applications” when you’re there, then choose Development and afterwards be sure to check the option you need) and create a backup using our dedicated tutorial. If you plan on using either ROM Manager or KIES software for the update, don’t.

Now that you’ve seen what pre-requisites to keep an eye on, you must follow the steps we have for you.

Important instructions

  1. The guide comes with these couple of actions for step one: download the and on your laptop, then be sure you have them saved on that device before you launch the Odin tool.Samsung-Galaxy-Chat-B5330
  2. This is what is required of you for step number two: turn the handset off and then enter it in Download Mode. This booting is done in the following way: simultaneously press and hold Volume Down and OK, then press Power; stop what you are doing once a message of warning appears on the display and instead press Volume Up.
  3. The next step to be followed is the third one. Here is what needs to be done for it: plug the B5330 to the notebook by using the former’s USB cord; after the devices are in connection to each other, you will have to do the following: have a bit of patience, because the Galaxy Chat B5330 is going to begin the installation of the file.
  4. Step number four will ask you to click on PDA next.
  5. For step five you should locate the .tar file (which is the one resulted from the unzipping of the Android 4.1.2 XXUBMD2 archive), then remember to load it.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step six needs to go like this: tap on Start from the Odin. Now wait again for the installation phase to start. When it ends, you will need to see if the smartphone reboots or not; if it does, then be sure that the update firmware has been flashed on your handset.

Now go to your Galaxy Chat B5330, tap on Settings, then pay a visit to the device’s “About phone“. Once you arrive there, you should look around to see if the official firmware is present; if it is, great!

What is one to do if their phone gets stuck in the Welcome Screen? The answer is here: take your B5330, take its battery out, wait a couple of seconds and then put the unit back in where it belongs. Now go to our guide and repeat everything from step one till the end. Should you experience a frozen Odin or a boot loop, do the same and everything is going to be perfectly fine once again.