How to Update Galaxy S2 Duos TV GT-S7273T to Android 4.2.2 UIUANC2

New stuff is coming up your Galaxy S2 Duos TV GT-S7273T phone’s way. And it can be summed up in several words. But allow us to tell you more about this in the next couple of paragraphs!

When Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean UIUANC2 came out this month for the Galaxy S2 Duos S7273T, Brazil was the first country to see the new official firmware. So, if you’re using this phone on TIM, try updating it to this new OS. The firmware also has an activated KIES logo, meaning that the KIES software can work as an upgrade method; however, we do request using this option only if the phone uses stock ROM.

The Jelly Bean’s novelties consist of, among others, a new set of download notifications and a USB debug white-list. Other goodies look like this: Bluetooth audio streaming made better and low battery bug fixes. An option of long-pressing the WiFi Bluetooth icons in Quick Settings in order to be able to toggle the on/off state is also on-board. A new set of sounds for wireless charging and a totally new Gallery app will be offered, too.

The upgrade will wreak havoc on a rooted device. The first to go though damage will be the root access. After it gets revoked, the phone’s system partition will be erased. As far as your handset’s important data goes, you will not see it deleted. Fortunately as well, the internal and external SD cards will be saved.

Don’t forget to only use your handset for the upgrade. When the new firmware ends up on a different smartphone, it is going to be bricked.Galaxy-S2-Duos-TV-GT-S7273T


To experience an update without troubles, we have requirements to show you. Follow them below:

  • your Galaxy S2 Duos TV GT-S7273T should have its USB Debugging activated;
  • disable the handset’s security programs now;
  • disable, likewise, the laptop’s security software;
  • use a laptop that already uses Windows;
  • certain USB drivers fit for the handset should be downloaded on your laptop;
  • make a backup for your smartphone;
  • make a full NANDroid backup;
  • charge the handset’s battery.

Step by step instructions

  1. You need to download Odin v3.09 from this location and the on the notebook. When both of these are on it, extract them both and a bunch of files will show up. Odin v3.09.exe will be among them and you’ll need to launch it on the laptop now.
  2. Proceed to the following step next: restart the handset in Download Mode by pressing and holding Home, Power and Volume Down for a bit till a boot message is displayed, then press Volume Up. Having done that, plug the smartphone to your laptop.
  3. The phone’s USB cord will enable this plugging. After you use it, the Odin will begin a search for the Galaxy S2 Duos TV GT-S7273T. As soon as the search has been successful, the same Odin will have a sign in blue to deliver. According to this, the phone and your notebook are connected to one another.
  4. The firmware file can finally be moved to AP / PDA now, then you have to make sure two boxes are checked, more precisely these: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. Now uncheck Re-partition.
  5. Once these are all completed, go on by tapping “Start“. You now have to wait till the UIUANC2 is flashed on the smartphone.
  6. When the process is over, the handset will deliver this message in a green background: “Pass”. Then the smartphone will restart. Unplug it from the laptop for the final step.
  7. The unplugging needs to be done with the handset’s USB cable, which will help with this part a lot. Then you are free to enjoy the update.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Tap, on the handset, its Settings option, then tap About Phone. You can now see what all the novelties surrounding the Android 4.2.2 are all about. Be sure to take your time using them.

If the update isn’t your cup of tea in the end, be sure to go to the NANDroid backup file. When you see it, you can use it to have the old ROM back on the phone. To return it, your Samsung S7273T will have to say good-bye to the upgrade process.

Have a go at our comment section in case you need to ask us something about the whole procedure.